A Powerful Testimony From Feast 2019: Linda Francisco

January/February 2020 WFJ Article

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15 Jan 2020
A Powerful Testimony From Feast 2019: Linda Francisco

During the Feast of Tabernacles 2019, we were honoured to meet Linda Francisco from the Philippines. Linda connected with the ICEJ in 1993, which was a miracle because no one told her about the ICEJ and she didn’t know anything about God’s heart for Israel. She put it simply, “The Lord just put it in my heart to come to Israel.”

After several years of traveling to Jerusalem for the ICEJ Feast of Tabernacles, Linda realized her own people longed to celebrate the Feast, yet they could not afford to travel to Israel. Therefore, God put it on her heart to make a “taste” of the Feast of Tabernacles in her city of Cebu, Philippines. She enjoyed helping her people celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles and recounted many miracles as the whole event came together. After a couple years of these “Tastes” in the Philippines Linda said, “I knew it wasn’t the same, because the Feast should be celebrated in Jerusalem!” 

In response, Linda decided to bring 22 of her family members with her up to Jerusalem for ICEJ’s Feast of Tabernacles! It was beautiful for her to see the generations of her family praying together for Israel, including her eight-year-old grandchild. Linda went from not knowing anything about God’s heart for Israel to becoming a powerful advocate for Israel in the Philippines, and to her own family. She was overjoyed to see her heart’s desire come true with most of her family celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles together in God’s city of Jerusalem. 

Linda’s faithfulness to stand with Israel has been rewarded in amazing ways. One extraordinary miracle Linda shared was in March 2019 she was diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer, but as she sat with us in the Pais Arena she testified, “In May, God healed me! I am completely healed!” After overcoming cancer and the recent loss of her husband of 23 years, Linda still knows she has a deep calling from the Lord to share the biblical view of Israel and the Jewish people. Linda explained, “Just before I came here to Israel, when I was worshipping, God told me that the standard needs to be raised. We need to be connected to Israel. I would like to continue to be an advocate for Israel and sharing this importance.” 

We praise God for how He has moved in Linda’s life and the many lives that He impacted at the Feast of Tabernacles!